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spare parts

A significant challenge faced by numerous prospective buyers of Chinese dirt bikes is the limited availability of spare parts. In an effort to assist owners of the Kamax KMX 250MT, as well as those with Hengjian HJ250, KEWS 250cc, GR8 250cc, Lextra LXK250M, Bull MT250, Swicoo Y8-250, Nicot NT-250-8E, Koshine KN250 PRO, and GPX TSE 250R motorcycles,  I have compiled a comprehensive list of available spare parts here. This should simplify the process of finding necessary components.

  Parts with my logo up in the right corner of the product image are tested and proven to work on the Kamax KMX 250MT.

Download the spare part lists and manuals here: Spare Parts & Manuals


The spare parts featured in this listing have been identified by the sellers as compatible with models such as the Kamax KMX 250MT, Hengjian HJ250, GPX TSE250R, Kayo 250, and others. It's important to note that not all items have been personally tested or verified by The Old Man and the Dirt Bike #52. We strongly recommend conducting your own research before making any purchase.

Furthermore, we want to disclose that certain links provided here are affiliate links. Using these links to make your spare parts purchases can help support our channel. Your consideration is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!

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